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Jane van Spyk, Bsc. (psy) Hons., Mar, Cert ASK; Cert ZB

PROFESSIONAL & EXPERIENCED registered Reflexologist and Kinesiologist nutritionally trained have been working from the oldest most well established clinic Natural Health Practice in Exeter for over 18 years. I am very experienced and over the many years of practice have helped clients with all sorts of problems so have a wealth of experience with all manner of conditions whether physical, emotional/mental and spiritual. I tailor my treatment to a client's individual needs using my skills and experience to find the right tools to help them. Clients respond in different ways but most find the treatments helpful in addressing their problems and leave feeling relaxed, energised and empowered. I aim to avoid a healing crisis so the client leaves feeling better than when they walked through the door. Treatments can open up new ways of thinking and approaching their health, well being and spiritual growth.

The last few years have certainly showed us that we need to look after our health and take responsibility to take steps to do this. Both Reflexology and Kinesiology can be used as preventative measures to ensure better health.

More About Me

I am an experienced professionally registered complementary practitioner based in Exeter, Devon with wide experience in the healing Arts (since 1994). I started as a Reiki healer teacher/Master in the 90s ( using the word Master with reservation as nowadays you can do that in a weekend!) . I then became a Reflexologist (Association of Reflexologists) and Certified Zero Balancer. For me the missing bit of the puzzle was Kinesiology - the muscle test. I found the principles in Systematic Kinesiology brought everything together so am qualified to the highest level of Diploma. My treatments are individually tailored to what issues the client presents.

I practise from Natural Health Practice in Exeter Devon. My wealth of experience with all manner of conditions enables me to find the right tool to help bring relief to any problems whether physical, emotional/mental and spiritual. I also am a qualified teacher and have been a tutor for both The Academy of Kinesiology and The Kinesiology Association. I also have taught energy healing and meditation.

Prevention is better than cure!


As a Reflexologist I use light pressure and work on reflexes on the feet or hands (click and explore the foot map below on right). In Reflexology these correspond to all the systems and organs of the body. Reflexology may provide relief from many conditions and is very relaxing to receive. Reflexology is often perceived as a way to relax which of course it does but it is a powerful therapeutic healing tool which may help to alleviate many conditions.


Kinesiology uses muscle testing. The muscle test is the key tool and through it imbalances are detected in all the areas of our being. It then is used to show what is priority to help the client at that moment in time. This could be structural, emotional/mental, nutritional and/or energetic balance. Usually more than one area is directly addressed. When muscle testing is done authentically it takes the guess work out. For example I may 'think' a client would benefit from Vit B to help with stress but the muscle test takes the guess work out and shows whether or not that is the particular vitamin most suitable for the client. We are all biochemically very different and what suits one may not suit another. I practice Systematic Kinesiology which challenges the body rather than asking it yes or no questions - the body is more complex than yes or no answers.


I am also certified in Zero Balancing which can help with all sorts of conditions ranging from physical to spiritual. Indeed some clients experience it a bit like a Reflexology for the whole of the body. It is very relaxing and beneficial to receive .

Examples of some problems that can be helped through Reflexology & Kinesiology:

Releasing stress, tension & anxiety - Reflexology

Hormonal imbalances - Kinesiology

Digestive disorders/constipation

Emotional & Mental well being

Fertility problems

Neck, shoulder and back pain ZB - Kinesiology

Headaches & Sleep problems


Rebalancing & Recharging Energies

Invest in your health with Reflexology & Kinesiology



If a client is not sure what treatment s/he would like I do a combination treatment. Many factors from emotions, structure to poor nutrition impact our health and contribute to a problem. The different therapies address these different elements in varying degrees.


Many different skills are learnt in Reflexology, Kinesiology & Zero Balancing. These skills are not mutually exclusive rather they complement each other. So although effective alone when skillfully combined and using many years experience provide me with a 'tool box' from which I can find the most appropriate tools to help my client's problem.

Combining tools I tailor a treatment specifically to a client's needs and use the tools pertinent to their imbalances. Kinesiology using the muscle test takes the guess work out and accesses the different systems more accurately as well as highlighting the priority imbalance. The Reflexology/Zero Balancing supports and anchors and consolidates the systems. Therefore if a client has no special preference after the consultation I decide whether a combination treatment would be more beneficial.

Healing is very much a process - a bit like peeling layers off so with a combination treatment one session may emphasise a modality more than another. For more complex cases or conditions that are chronic several treatments are necessary.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the services I offer or to arrange an appointment.

You can also text or call 07850565182 if you would prefer to leave a message or speak to me first. I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment.


I am located in Exeter, Devon at the below address.

The Natural Health Practice

2a Spicer Road





Kinesiology: £70

Reflexology: £55

Combination treatment: £65

Length of treatments:

Reflexology: up to an hour

Kinesiology: up to an hour and a half

Combination: up to an hour and a quarter


' Prevention is Better than Cure'

Below are some questions that relate to all the therapies. These should allay any concerns you may have, but please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

How long is a treatment?

A consultation may last up to 60 minutes but due to the nature of the work sometimes longer or shorter - more does not mean better. That includes talking and being on the couch. During the first session a health consultation done. A nervous system can be overloaded and unecessarily assaulted, especially if the client is new to complementary health, in very poor physical health or emotionally very low. A skillful practitioner will adjust a session to the client's needs after the initial consultation and has established a base line for that particular person.

  • First consultation up to 90 mins
  • Follow up for any therapy up to 60 mins
  • ZB treatments are generally between 25 and 45 minutes
  • Reiki combination with a shorter ZB/Reflexology up to 60 minutes
  • Kinesiology 90 mins
How do you treat children?

Parents sign a consent form and child is accompanied by the parent/guardian. (As I am a teacher I also have the necessary CBR checks cleared.) The session is adapted for whatever age the child is and it is a much shorter session. Children often respond very positively and get a great deal out of them. My children used to moan that they were hardly ever sick and never missed school!

Kinesiology is particularly good for children and babies as you can use a surrogate and help many conditions. For example breast feeding problems, birth trauma, learning difficulties and indeed most conditions.

What do you need to know about a person?

Holistic treatments address body, mind and emotions so on the first session a health history will be taken covering all aspects. This will include questions about medical conditions/treatments, any current medication or any taken in the past 12 months, major illnesses, emotional well being, life style, sleeping patterns, diet/allergies, mental stress, family/relationships.

Do I remain clothed?

Yes. Loose fitting clothes are the best as tight ones cause constriction not only on the physical level but also on the energetic. For Kinesiology and ZB loose trousers should be worn. In Kinesiology leg muscles are used so trousers are appropriate.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on the condition. Chronic ones take longer and may need 6 weekly sessions followed by one a month. Something that has taken years to develop will not shift over night - although it could. Healing is a process rather than a quick fix. People do tend to want results at once and sometimes it takes longer. The treatments address causes and not symptoms.

It is generally felt that after 3/4 sessions there should be improvements - these may not necessarily be the actual original complaint. The treatments are holistic and an improvement may be on any level with the effects being accumulative. Also people do respond to different things and what works for one another may not find beneficial.

Preventative Health

Some clients have a treatment every fortnight or monthly to sustain health, prevent tension from taking root, and to keep the internal organs and systems well oiled. People look after their cars far better than they do their own bodies. Similarly if people had treatments as often as they have their hair done a great number of potential health disorders could be kept at bay. Unfortunately many do not start looking after their internal structures until an organ or system breaks down and then the damage is done! These treatments are ideal as a preventative tool.

How will I react?

Everyone has their unique experience and no two people react the same. However there are common reactions (see below). Also one does not respond in always the same way. In one session you may feel discomfort whereas in another totally relaxed. Sometimes it feels as nothing is going on - often though these sessions have the most therapeutic effect than the one where the person has seen lots of lovely colours. Ideally the client should get off the couch feeling better than when they got on. However there are common short lived reactions that may be experienced - too much suggests overload and could go into healing crisis see below

  • Headaches
  • Go to the loo more often
  • Tired/lethargic, yawning
  • Emotional release - laughing, tearful, angry - these are short lived
  • Fluey
  • Mild skin outbreaks
  • Seeing colours and feeling light and peaceful are very common as are a sense of well-being and feeling relaxed.

Some people feel nothing during the session but changes happen afterwards.

What is a healing crisis?

The therapies stimulate the body to get rid off toxins and a healing crisis is a more intense and stronger reaction of those listed above. Sometimes the pain can increase and or an old trauma temporarily arises and this too is a sign that things are shifting and change is taking place. However a client should feel better and too many reactions suggest an overload of a nervous system and too much being done in a session.

Can I mix therapies?

Yes it is fine to mix therapies and I often do a combination session (below). I often combine therapies because clients request for example of a shorter Zero Balance or Reflexology followed by Reiki. I also combine as the condition presenting would be better addressed by a particular therapy so does depend what we are addressing.

Combination Treatment

Combining tools I can tailor a treatment specifically to a client's needs and use the tools pertinent to their imbalances. For example Kinesiology is brilliant for accessing the hormonal system and Zero Balancing is ideal to release chronic tension - thus if a client has no special preference I decide what is most beneficial after the initial consultation. Kinesiology can be combined with any other therapy as the muscle test confirms what is going on and that is always very rewarding for the client. Kinesiology with Reflexology is really effective with fertility and digestive disorders.

We are all individual and biochemically different and systematic Kinesiology addresses this through the muscle test. Kinesiology takes the guess work out of a treatment and detects the appropriate tool to help with addressing the imbalance. For example I may intuit during reflexology or zero balance that a client is stressed and from my knowledge of nutrition suggest B vitamins. I would only be guessing that B vitamins would help. Using muscle testing from Kinesiology I find the appropriate nutrition for that client as well as detecting what was causing the stress.

Fertility, hormonal and digestive conditions (IBS/chronic constipation) respond particularly well to a combined Kinesiology/ Reflexology treatment; stress and emotional/physical pain to either kinesiology and ZB/reflexology combination.

Are you doing spiritual healing?

I do not work with disembodied beings and I am not associated with any religion or cult. My definition of spiritual is that we are more than the physical body.

Reflexology & Kinesiology in Exeter for Vitality, Health & Harmony


Below a selection of testimonials and on request I have phone nos of past and current clients who are willing to be contacted.

“I first consulted Jane about a year ago for help when I was experiencing sleeping problems and felt generally stressed. Whilst I had not heard of kinesiology before, I was happy to accept Jane's suggestion that she do a combination of that and reflexology. I was very surprised by the alterations in my resistance as Jane worked on me and at the differences the sessions made to my overall well being. Specific problems such as restricted movement in my neck due to tension, anxiety and a frozen shoulder have all been successfully addressed.

What I did not expect is how my ability to resolve problems and think more clearly have been helped by sessions with Jane and her treatment. She has often identified that I was struggling with something without my having mentioned it and has been able to make a change which has helped me deal with the issue and prevent it from manifesting itself as a more troublesome physical problem.”

S, Partner, Professional Services Firm Exeter

“I have had a number of Kinesiology treatments with Jane and have found them extremely beneficial. In fact they have set me on a path back to good health which I may not have otherwise discovered, for which I am truly grateful. I have been treated for several different issues both on a physical end emotional level and have reaped enormous benefit from this gentle, non-invasive therapy. I would (and frequently do!) recommend it to anyone who seeks better health.

I have also studied Systematic Kinesiology with Jane, to Certificate level. This was done over four weekends in Exeter, spaced over a six month period, each session being followed up by coursework at home. This has been a fantastic experience and has truly opened my eyes to the wonders of the human body, and its amazing knowledge and capacity to heal itself. Jane is an inspirational teacher with a genuine feel for her subject and I would thoroughly recommend her course to anyone who has an interest in Kinesiology. I hope to be studying further with her, and am in the process of setting up my own business, but the course is equally valid for anyone who just wishes to improve their own health and that of their family and friends.”

Anne Midwinter-Cooke

“Jane has been invaluable to me regarding my well being, her knowledge is vast and she is able to discover and treat problem areas easily. I would recommend her to anyone looking for help in their health and well being.”


“Thank you Jane since the last treatment my gut has been feeling so much more bloated feelings or discomfort. Keeping to your suggestions to maintain.”


“The session has really helped me. I feel things lifting and clearing out! Thank you. I think you have done a wonderful job.”

Fhi Aitken

“I'm feeling tons better...slept so well...Thanks so much.”


“I feel 20 years younger & 10 feet tall! It's as though a great load has been lifted from me.”

Carole (about ZB)

“I didn't realise I held so much tension. I feel free in my back and shoulders now.”

Mike (about ZB)

“I feel so relaxed and light - like I have just woken from a long sleep. Wonderful!”

Rose (about ZB)

“I'm feeling tons better...slept so well...Thanks so much.”


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