Combining for common conditions

Combining tools I can tailor a treatment specifically to a client's needs and use the tools pertinent to their imbalances. For example Kinesiology is brilliant for accessing the hormonal system and Zero Balancing is ideal to release chronic tension - thus if a client has no special preference I decide what is most beneficial after the initial consultation. Kinesiology can be combined with any other therapy as the muscle test confirms what is going on and that is always very rewarding for the client. Kinesiology with Reflexology is really effective with fertility and digestive disorders.

We are all individual and biochemically different and systematic Kinesiology addresses this through the muscle test. Kinesiology takes the guess work out of a treatment and detects the appropriate tool to help with addressing the imbalance. For example I may intuit during reflexology or zero balance that a client is stressed and from my knowledge of nutrition suggest B vitamins. I would only be guessing that B vitamins would help. Using muscle testing from Kinesiology I find the appropriate nutrition for that client as well as detecting what was causing the stress.

Fertility, hormonal and digestive conditions (IBS/chronic constipation)respond particularly well to a combined Kinesiology/ Reflexology treatment; stress and emotional/physical pain to either kinesiology and ZB/reflexology combination.


Everybody is unique biochemically and energetically; what suits one doesn't another so using the right tool for the problem is important. When clients have no preference I draw on my expertise to find the right therapy tool that will best help their problem and their individuality. Additionaly different complaints get better results using more appropriate tools. I often combine to get optimum result for my clients. Working together, clients are helped back to health & harmony in body, mind & spirit.


A healthy gut is the gateway to good health. Sorting the problems there can sort out many conditions that people suffer from.

The most common problems that many suffer from relate to their gut due to poor digestion and elimination. Kinesiology techniques bring back into balance the mental, biochemic, physical and energetic factors involved in these problems. Hundreds of pounds are spent on colonics that may help with clearing out the intestines but do not actually do anything to strengthen the systems involved or address the emotional component that is often part of the condition. Kinesiology not only helps find what may be contributing to the condition eg, stress, food insensitivity but also helps the body to get the systems/circuits working effectively again. Improvements are sustained when post treatment suggestions are followed.


Many couples suffer from infertility today and this is a combination of many factors. Before spending thousands on fertility treatments trying kinesiology could solve their problems. Experience over the years with couples who are having trouble conceiving I have found that using a combination of muscle testing (Kinesiology) and Reflexology has been most beneficial. The muscle testing allows one to find where the priority imbalance is and work from that point. Often the endocrine system needs rebalancing and kinesiology provides pertinent techniques to do this. If their is a particular nutritional deficiency for example no amount of therapy can change that. As everyone is biochemically different just saying for example you need more zinc may or may not be beneficial as what one may need another may not. In my practice the muscle testing does often provide the missing piece. If I find an imbalance on the foot (this applies to any condition I may be helping to treat) I often locate the particular muscle that governs that circuit and show the imbalance using a muscle test. If the reflexology has not corrected it I use the muscle test to detect what other factor may be causing the imbalance. I have helped many couples conceive when they thought they couldn't.


Our psychological well being is compromised to varying degrees from the stresses and strains of living a fast paced life in the western world. All the therapies I practise can help release stress and bring back peace and equilibrium. It really is a question of what a person likes. However when a client wants help in changing patterns/habits that no longer serve than there are some brilliant muscle testing techniques that I use. I then anchor these with what ever other treatment the client may like but the result is very effective when combined with Zero Balancing.

We are more than our physical bodies and in most cases our subtle bodies are in need of realigning and balancing. Again the therapies I offer do help bring these into balance but the muscle test allows me to work with priority ie what is the priority that needs rebalancing. It takes the guess work out of a treatment and is doing what the body needs at that moment in time. Kinesiology really accesses our subtle energies in a very pertinent way and the techniques bring back balance and harmony to them. I then anchor these changes in the body with either reflexology or ZB.

These changes are sustained when post treatment suggestions and homework are followed.


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