KINESIOLOGY- 'A Natural Healthcare System'

Systematic KINESIOLOGY (SK)(kin-easy-ology) is a very effective all encompassing natural Healthcare System. SK is the same as Applied Kinesiology which is the patented name in U.S.A. Its techniques may also be combined with another therapy to help restore health and vitality. Its key tool is the muscle test which helps find problem areas. I am a member of Kinesiology Association (KA) which is both a professional body and teaching body.


Using the muscle test to find the problem areas


Dr George Goodheart in 1964 developed the Eastern principle that muscles, glands and organs/systems are connected by a network of pathways or meridians which form a 'circuit'. Ill health is seen as a result of there being congestion or blockage in a circuit. Testing different muscles not only detects any blocks but also the most appropriate way to be corrected and rebalance the muscles. This could be massage, nutrition, energy reflexes, and/or emotional techniques. When muscles are rebalanced everything benefits as the energy released enhances all functions.

Our bodies are made up of Mental, Chemical, Physical and Energy components. The muscle testing evaluates these functions which are always inter communicating and do not work in isolation. Our mental and emotional states affect our physical/chemical ones and vice versa. The muscle test taps into this network of communication and discovers the key cause(s) of the lock/disruption.

Today our busy hectic life styles constantly bombard us with different pressures and stresses that impact the whole of our being. This causes imbalances and congestions that disrupt the pathways. If not addressed these may develop into more long term chronic problems so Kinesiology is really preventative as it nips things in the bud before they have chance to take hold. All sorts of factors such as the general business of life, accidents, the food we eat, ill-serving thought patterns to stress at work can cause congestions in the person.


When a tested muscles reveals an imbalance the muscle is retested to get feedback as to what may help rebalance it.

The muscle test is like a language. Each time a relevant factor is introduced the muscle's response changes. From the body's feedback the nature of the imbalance and how best to treat it is discovered.

The muscle test detects the imbalance and how best to correct it

Thus it could be the chemistry of a particular food is upsetting the client, or a lack of a digestive ensyme coupled with a particular anxiety that may be causing problems in the stomach and intestines. These causes will then be addressed. Again testing muscles to find out what is the best treatment for that particualr client - for example a course of digestive ensyme supplements that has tested well on the client will be suggested to take and avoidance of eating the offending food together with a technique to counteract the particular anxiety could all be part of the treatment and follow up suggestions.

In SK we do not ask the body verbal questions but rely on the muscle test using different muscles to obtain our information.


No consultation is the same as each person is so different. However as imbalances are discovered and the root cause teased out clients will experience a combination or several of the following:- specialised lymphatic massage, nutritional supplements, gentle pressure on energy reflexes, the use of various emotional release techniques and suggested lifestyle change/s. A treatment lasts about an hour.

Some problems will be addressed relatively quickly whereas others are more complex with several layers to them. The longer someone has suffered with a complaint the longer it will take to sort out although generally one starts to feel better after the first session. Like most therapies 3-4 sessions are required at the start and then follow up ones at intervals depending on the nature of the problem.

As all muscles are tested on arms and legs loose clothing is suggested. In addition as muscle testing reveals foods that may be contributing to a problem you will be asked to bring some samples of foods you regularly eat likewise any supplements you may be taking.


Systematic Kinesiology offers solutions to most conditions whether physical, mental or emotional. Even if you have a diagnosed disease Kinesiology may still be used to improve health and wellbeing. Below are some of the common conditions Kinesiology has helped:

Constipation and digestive problems

Chronic Fatigue


Learning Difficulties

Emotional problems

Improving confidence and self esteem issues

Back, neck and shoulder problems

Infertility, hormonal imbalances

Skin problems

Food sensitivities


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