In Reflexology it is believed there is a reflex corresponding to every organ and system in the body mapped out in both the feet and hands. When these reflexes are worked there is a therapeutic effect in the related organ/system. Explore the interactive foot map.

The client is in reclining position with the feet slightly raised. After some general massage movements a procedure is followed whereby both feet, usually starting with the right foot, are worked thus all systems and organs are treated.

Unlike in Acupuncture where needles are inserted into several points in the skin directly into the energy pathway, in Reflexology finger pressure is used on a corresponding foot/hand reflex.

Applying pressure to reflexes releases congestion allowing energy to flow more freely so systems work more effectively.


Different feelings may be experienced by the client and these can be interpreted to indicate which systems/organs are out of balance. Sensations range from discomfort, pin pricks to numbness. In some cases where there are a lot of blockages very little sensation will be felt at first. As the energy starts to become more fluid more sensations, including very pleasant ones can be experienced in all parts of the body.

Children, including babies and toddlers are particularly responsive to reflexology. It helps build up their immune system and a strong immunity is essential in fighting all the childhood illnesses. It also encourages the healthy development of all the bodily systems and provides a sound foundation for a future healthy body and mind. Obviously the session is adapted for the child - FAQs


General wellbeing

Induces deep relaxation

Helps improve circulation

Improves skin tone/condition

Helps balance blood pressure

Boosts the immune system

Brings balance to all the body's systems


Hormonal imbalances

Menopausal symptoms


Sleeping problems

Releases stress &tension, headaches


Digestive disorders

Relax & recharge with a Reflexology treatment


Variations of foot massage have been practised over the world for centuries and Reflexology developed from these. In the early 1900s an ear, nose and throat doctor, Dr William Fitzgerald, introduced it to the West describing it as 'Zone Therapy'. This is based on the existence of a system of vertical and horizontal zones (lines) of energy running up through the body from the feet to the brain. Acupuncture is founded on a similar premise but the channels are called 'meridians' and do not follow such a perfect pattern as the zones. (Personally I favour the meridian model as this has been around for thousands of years and makes more sense to me energetically.


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